Zoos: not for adults

The most frequently-asked question I ask on this blog is: is it just me? So, is it just me, or are zoos rubbish? I remember loving them as a kid, and I thought I would love taking my own now they’re old enough. And true, the Midwich Cuckoo (aged 4) and two-year-old Asbo seemed to love it. But when they advertise zoos they should really make it clear that almost all the interesting animals – lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) – will almost certainly be asleep. And if they are awake, they’ll look so depressed, you’ll feel yourself going the same way. Not the basis for an award-winning advertising strategy, I accept.

But, as I say, the kids enjoyed themselves and will now have vaguely positive memories of their day, so will undoubtedly, as a consequence, insist on taking their own children there years from now and will only then realise how rubbish it all is, even if their own kids love it.

And so continues the Great Circle of Life…


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