Pomp, circumstance, weans and gossip

Back at the flat after the Trooping the Colour parade, part of HM’s official birthday celebrations. Every year the Secretary of State for Scotland invites Scottish MPs (and many others) to view the spectacle from the balcony at Dover House, which offers a spectacular view of the proceedings. When Douglas Alexander became Scottish Secretary in 2006 it became a more family-friendly occasion and the practice continues under Des Browne. Both the Midwich Cuckoo and Asbo had a great time running around the massive, austere building with numerous other children.

Afterwards we walked along Whitehall to the Commons and had a great view of the RAF flypast from New Palace Yard. Makes you feel proud to be British.

Of course, party politics intruded. At Dover House I found much amusement – and bemusement – at DD’s Don Quixote moment among members of the Fourth Estate who were present. As one hack put it: “You forget how mad the Tories are until something like this happens.”


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One response to “Pomp, circumstance, weans and gossip

  1. Beware the Holy Fool!

    David Davis is as a “man of action” therefore slightly inclined to the grand gesture.

    None the less, his slightly over dramatic resignations have rekindled a number of important debates (QED).

    On a more important note I was very impressed with Her Maj. who took the salute standing throughout.

    Cherie would have been complaining her feet hurt…

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