Not such a warm welcome

Dozens of angry demonstrators converged on Parliament Square yesterday to protest against the visit by the leader of Britain’s most important ally and biggest inward investor. Fortunately, US networks didn’t carry reports of the demonstrations and the peculiar and often bizarre slogans on the placards. Bush, one proclaimed, is the world’s greatest terrorist, a term used by some as a description for someone whose foreign policy they disagree with. Oddly, I didn’t see any placards criticising (or even mentioning) that great philanthropist, Osama bin Laden, but I’m sure there must have been plenty there; the Stop the War Coalition would never open themselves up to accusations of bias.



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4 responses to “Not such a warm welcome

  1. Nim Chimpsky

    Osama Bin Laden wasn’t visiting. It is up to us to protest against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars because they were committed in our name.
    The rich and powerful will ‘pick’ their enemies aswell Tom as you well know.

  2. And what exactly is your grounds for opposing Afghanistan? It’s obviously not “illegal” as some would describe Iraq. Is it simply that it was instigated by the US?

    As for picking our enemies, I think bin Laden had a part to play in choosing the US as an enemy, and in insisting on playing host to a mass murderer and terrorist, the despicable Taliban chose to make themselves an enemy of the rest of the world.

  3. Alison

    Surely you’re not saying it’s a good thing that US media networks chose to censor democratic protests against a political leader?

  4. Nim Chimpsky

    “Is it simply that it was instigated by the US?” Not at all.

    June 2002, Robert Mueller(FBI director) testified before a Senate committee. He stated that “investigators believe the idea of the Sept.11 attacks… came from Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan” also “we think the masterminds of it were in Afghanistan”.

    If it was only a ‘belief’ in 2002 then how could it have been ‘known’ in 2001? It was an act of aggression based on a supposition.

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