Still not ‘one of us’

The Nasty Party is alive and well, as evidenced by this afternoon’s statement on the Lisbon Treaty in the Commons. When my old boss, Patricia Hewitt, rose to speak, there was a loud and hostile reaction from the Tories, with much disgraceful cat-calling and insults. There was a similar, though lower key, reaction whejn Chris Bryant spoke. Difficult to escape the conclusion that there are some groups of people to whom the Tory Party just doesn’t react well.

UPDATE (at 10.50pm) My editor-in-chief (Carolyn) has expressed some disquiet at the above post, suggesting it is unfair to label the whole Tory Party as misogynist homophobes. She’s right, of course. I know many Tories, inside and outside the Commons, who couldn’t be remotely described that way. Perhaps I was being just a little defensive of Patricia, of whom I’m extremely fond, and Chris (ditto). Hope that clarifies things.


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