Spitting mad at David ‘Don Quixote’ Davis

I still haven’t come across a single Tory MP who can say the name “David Davis” without spitting. One normally mild-mannered Tory, when asked his view on it all, replied: “On the record, he’s a bloody idiot. Off the record, he’s a f***ing idiot!”

Yesterday, while waiting for my ministerial driver, Bob, to pick me up at Members’ Entrance, I spied DD and a journalist chatting in the middle of New Palace Yard. Bob had to swerve to avoid hitting him. “Watch out, David,” I called. “We don’t want any pointless by-elections, do we?”



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2 responses to “Spitting mad at David ‘Don Quixote’ Davis

  1. Chris King

    I came across this website by accident while looking for David Davis’s constituency site. Wanted to congratulate him on being the only MP who seems genuinely concerned about Labour’s destruction of our ancient liberties. But who is Tom Harris? Never heard of him. Is he really an MP? Must be so useless that even Gordon Brown can’t use him as a puppet. ‘Ministerial’ driver? Not an ordinary driver? I can see why. Tom, if you really are a Labour MP you should take a good look at your party and do the decent thing. That is, chum up to Diane Abbot and join the usual suspects or resign. Apart from them, the whole Labour enterprise is comprised of f****ing dangerous idiots. Take care.

  2. Alicia Chaves

    TOM –


    The bankrupt, inept, incompetent, warmongering, totalitarian, authoritarian ‘NewLabour Project’ has failed.

    You can’t even put up a candidate in Haltemprice and Howden – and now you’ve handed the seat to Shan Oakes of the Greens.

    Green Tide Rising

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