It’s the way you tell ’em, Shami

Good to see that Shami Shakrabarti hasn’t lost her famous sense of humour. Apparently she’s laughed off Andy Burnham’s light-hearted teasing about her and David Davis’s friendship and has, rather cheekily, offered him some makeup tips. Absolutely the right way to handle this sort of thing: laugh it off and make sure no-one can accuse you of taking yourself too seriously.

Er, hang on… this just in.

Shami shares a joke with Andrew Marr



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8 responses to “It’s the way you tell ’em, Shami

  1. Nim Chimpsky

    Gordon Brown is known for his light heartedness is he? Shami was on HIGYFY just the other week anyway.

    You can do better Tom.

  2. On HIGYFY she was on the Tory team with that bumptious Old Salopian I. Hislop Esq – not sure what that might mean except that she’s now a few thousand quid up for saying almost nothing…

  3. News just in – turns out Mr H is an Old Ardinian not an Old Salopian, but he’s still just as bumptious…

  4. all out for ever

    Very funny, made me laugh anyway. Of course her threats of writs get away from the central issue – why is she consorting (ooh, err, is that libellous?) with a wannabe hanger? You don’t get a bigger denial of your civil liberties than being hung, do you?

  5. Duncan

    It wasn’t exactly a John Sergeant-standard performance on HIGNFY… but of course, she’s not a comedian, she’s the director of Liberty and her litigation threats over a bit of harmless satire are sharing the headlines with the growing democratic disaster in Zimbabwe. She’s shown a poor sense of proportion in a job which needs it.

  6. Gordon Alexander

    She really was out of her depth in HIGNFY. Just about her only contributions for the first 10 minutes were looks of genuine jaw-dropping shock horror whenever the others made non-PC (ie funny) remarks. Realising the game was up, she then spent the rest of the show just giggling like a schoolgirl at them.

    On a more serious note, I’d sooner see really evil world-class mass killers hang than have them turn up one day cracking pleasantries on , say, HIGNFY or BBC Breakfast. I really do not see a civil rights issue there, provided the killers’ identities are beyond any shadow of a doubt.

  7. yesbuts

    Your “light-hearted teasing” is seen by another persons as a “cheap shot”

  8. Sarah

    i’m with yesbut’s comment above. the woman works her socks off to defend the civil liberties that your revoltingly complacent party has gradually eroded to practically nothing. then she has a bad day and people like you – who whinge on when their own misjudged comments are blown out of proportion – get at her. stunning hypocrisy. you’re not getting my vote again.

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