The biggest risk to DD

There’s no turning back for David Davies. He has applied for (and presumably been granted) the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds, thus disqualifying himself from membership of the House of Commons. The by-election will be held on 10 July.

I was wrong – he didn’t try to ask a question at PMQs, which begs the question, why did he wait until yesterday to resign and not just do it on Monday?

There’s no doubt DD will be grievously offended by the disdain in which the other parties – particularly Labour – hold him and his by-election. His only chance now of making a serious point is if he can secure a turnout which is significantly higher than the 70.2 per cent achieved in 2005. This will be difficult given the absence of a real contest. And if turnout is significantly lower than that, DD will have shown his gesture to have been not only empty, but very, very expensive.


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6 responses to “The biggest risk to DD

  1. It’s David Davis. David Davies is the equally right-wing (though rather less libertarian) Tory MP for Monmouth.

  2. I just realised that. Sorry. In my defence, this is the first time I’ve got it wrong, and if you hadn’t posted a comment I would have quietly changed it and no-one would have noticed. Damn you…

  3. Chris' Wills

    As a minister of the crown you would have course have voted for the 42 days incarceration without charge.

    The question is, do you actually condone such illiberal action or are you just being cynical and wanting to forgo your ministerial perks?

    What will you say to someone held under this act when they are released without charge?

    Will it be, “tough”.

    They might lose their job, no smoke without fire is still believed true by many, especially if it requires security clearance.

    Can they sue for wrongful arrest?

    No, because they haven’t been arrested.

    You may trust the present goverment and security services; what happens when bad people (your opponents) get in.

    I am saddened and amazed that a party that claims to be for freedom and liberty can enact such legislation.

  4. andrew

    DD is the son of a single mother bought up on a council estate. He has a better idea of the effects of skewing justice in favor of prosecutions and criminalising children for normal dumb behavior than any of our labour ministers.
    Jack Straw’s son would have got 3 years for selling drugs to a stranger in a pub if he came from a council estate. Instead he got a caution.

    It’s one law for us and another for you lot. How is that “the rule of law”.

  5. Auntie Flo' - proud to be a member of Liberty

    Journos and politicos can attack David Davis for rocking their gravy train and having the guts to step outside the elitist political bubble, but out here on the streets DD’s a hero.

    One of the acid tests of public opinion is the Sun’s Readers’ forum. See the topic on DD’s resignation and 42 days internment for yourself.

    Over 68% 0f those on the Sun Readers’ forum support Davis and are against 42 days.

    Tom, you and the government are totally out of touch with the concensus of public opinion on civil liberties, DD’s brave stand and 42 days.

    Ok, a YouGov poll suggested otherwise. Do you recall the YouGov poll on Cameron’s popularity a few years back which produced a result wildy at odds with all other polls? Sampling errors, wasn’t it?

  6. Auntie Flo'

    Thought this might interest you, Tom.

    The following are sections from the first 3 pages of most recommended comments on BBC’s Have Your Say topic on 42 days internment and David Davis’s resignation. I’ve numbered the comments in order of number of recommendations achieved and given the number of recommendations for the first 2-3, though not the rest because of the extra space required:

    1. RESPECT! (I have never voted Tory so this is unbiased opinion.) Mr Davies shows a high-minded, principled, self-sacrificing attitude in complete contrast to the grubby self-serving MP’s who voted yesterday to save their own skins at the price of our historic laws.

    Recommended by 826 people

    2. It’s come to something when it takes the lone bravery of a Tory MP and the house of Lords to protect civil liberties in this country. The sight of Gordon Brown flogging the ancient rights of British citizens in return for votes in the commons is one of the most disgraceful spectacles I have ever seen. Well done David Davies.

    Recommended by 812 people

    3. A politicians with some moral scruples and personality. That’s novel. Well done Mr Davis and best of luck.

    Recommended by 639 people

    4. I’d vote for him.

    5. His resignation will help highlight the public disgust at the erosion of civil liberties that this horrendous new law has created.

    6. At last a front bench politician takes a stand

    7. Finally, a British MP with the integrity to stand up for what they believe in and actually do something about it

    8. its about time someone stood up to zanu-labour’s state sponsored interference

    9. Well done David. I back you 100%

    10. I may vote Conservative next time – something I have never considered before in 40 years of maturity.

    11. At last a front bench politician takes a stands

    12. A brave move for which he should be applauded

    13. Its about time someone took a stand

    14. That’s one politician with real backbone. Shame about the other 649!

    15. An MP with principles, and a Tory at that … wonders will never cease.

    16. David Davis is to be applauded for his stand

    17. David Davis is a true hero, and I like him am ready to fight for my freedom.

    18. At last, a politician not lacking the courage of his convictions

    19. They came first for the communists, I didn’t speak out for I wasn’t a communist.

    20. WOW! Actual principle backed up by actual action

    21. I could not be more proud of David Davis

    22. I will raise a toast tonight to a very honourable man.

    23. Now *that’s* what I call a conviction politician!

    24. At Last! an honest and pricipled politician

    25. he will get my vote at any opportunity I have.

    26. a decent honourable man, unusual in a politician

    27. I don’t hold much hope from the Tories but at least someone is starting to make a stand against this awful Government

    28. Well done David Davis…We are not a slave nation

    29. moral backbone for once.

    30. he has had the decency to stand up and be counted

    31. a noble and just move…Thank you David Davis.

    32. I’m Liberal…never voted Conservative in my life…can’t remember the last time I saw such a remarkable display of integrity as I have ever seen.

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