Friendly fire

I’m writing this at the Braehead Arena where Carolyn and I have brought the Krays to see Playhouse Disney Live. Now I know the true meaning of misery.

Just received a text message from Craig, one of my oldest friends: “Hey Tom, I think someone may have read your blog.”

Funny guy. No, really. Funny, funny guy.



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2 responses to “Friendly fire

  1. I think you fancy yourself as some sort of popular entertaining ‘blogger’. Get on with the job Mr Harris. I don’t think you’ll have long left, although you probably have ensured already that you’ll earn above average for the rest of your days, so I guess you have won in that regard..

  2. Oh give over Matthew (and the many like you), this blog is one of the best politician written blogs out there … you don’t need to agree with the politics to agree with that.

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