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I seem to have started something. Check out Polly Toynbee in today’s Guardian for her thoughts on the happiness debate. It’s a sobering reflection that there are many people out there who can explain my arguments better than I.


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6 responses to “Polly’s thoughts

  1. James

    Toynbee is just using the opportunity to slag off a rival newspaper.
    I don’t think we are all miserable, we’re just depressed. With good reasons.We have a tired government that fails to lead, inspire or govern fairly. In short we have a Luton Town instead of a Manchester United. Considering the crippling amount of taxes we pay, we deserve premier league.

  2. That’s blown your cover! Roads Minister, indeed – that should get the ‘Ministry of Roads’ conspiracy theorists going.

    All good fun, but I thought the media was a bit ‘de haut en bas’ when explaining who this bloke asking about happiness was. I think one commentator referred to a hitherto unknown junior Transport Minister. Wonder if they would have been as dismissive if you were in another department?

  3. James – I’m prepared to be wrong here, but you’re not, by any chance, a member of the Conservative Party, are you?

  4. “But when both parties cling together in a deadly embrace to prevent any choice between them, politics is rightly despised. ”

    I think that this point is as good as yours, Tom.

    As is the argument about ‘who grows’ economically.

  5. More surprising was that elsewhere, in the G2 section, there was a 4-page story about happiness and the government’s ‘happiness tsar’ (brings to mind mental images of a court jester, but never mind) and it didn’t mention you once!

    Must have been written a week ago before it all kicked off.

  6. James

    Sorry to disappoint you Tom, but I’m not a member of any particular political party. I’ve only recently become interested in matters political. I enjoy reading political blogs and occasionally watching the Parliament channel. Incidently, just watched part of the Cost of Living Debate and your ‘bloody miserable’ quote was mentioned again by the Conservatives (and your chauffeur driven Prius). Shame the Labour benches so empty on an important subject.
    Hats off to you for printing so many adverse comments though, on your blog.

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