Haltemprice & Howden: an armchair guide

Turnout in Haltemprice and Howden at the 2005 election was just a smidgeon over 70 per cent. If turnout at the forthcoming by-election is a single vote less than that, David Davis’s kamikaze moment will all have been for nothing.

Here’s a turnout scorecard to help you gauge his success:

70-80 per cent: Well done, David. You’re a popular guy in your constituency but most people in the country still support 42 days
60-70 per cent: Oh, dear. Still, never mind, you’re back in a job at least.
50-60 per cent: Er, remind me why you did this?
40-50 per cent: You do know you’re not getting back on the front bench, don’t you?
30-40 per cent: “Here he comes – quick, look the other way!”



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6 responses to “Haltemprice & Howden: an armchair guide

  1. If only it were that simple eh? I like how you’re shielding Labour from the impact of this election before it happens, but without fielding a candidate Labour have already doomed to turnout to be likely to fall. Turnout is based on money spent campaigning by all parties and by marginality of seats. With no major party standing other than Davis it would take a monumental spend by a couple of people to fund for a 70% turn out, especially given the seat no longer looks marginal without Lib Dem contesting.

  2. David G

    You forgot…..
    25% – oops now we’ve got a Labour Government…..

  3. nick

    Vote Green to give Davis a good Kickin’

  4. Erm, comparing a general election with a by-election turnout? Yeah, nice try Mr Harris.

  5. Sunny – Well, how else can we judge whether DD’s gamble has paid off? Obviously not the size of his majority, so how?

  6. Tim Dawes


    That fact is you and DD have much in common. Consistent support for the erosion of our liberties, use of the anti terrorist legislation against peace and environmental campaigners, distrust of anyone who isn’t influenced by Daily Mail editorials and a determination to hold back any real change in society, support and/or failure to oppose war, torture and anti-democratic regimes across the world. See the excellent film Taking Liberties for a more balanced assessment than that offered by DD or indeed yourself.

    Anyone who believes in liberty must vote Green.

    Tim Dawes

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