Top Tory in blogging gaffe shock!

My sympathy goes out to Jeremy Hunt, the Tory MP whose blog has got him into trouble with The Sun. It seems that trawling MPs’ blogs for news stories has become something of an obsession for hacks. Quite legitimate, of course, but only if the original blogpost isn’t distorted, deliberately misinterpreted or exaggerated. Not that that would ever happen, of course.

A fellow Labour MP just yesterday was waxing lyrical to me about an underpass near Waterloo station that had, according to him, some amazing grafitti artwork which has actually become an attraction for tourists. This, of course, is an “official” site for “public art”; most grafitti in public places is nothing more than vandalism, whatever artisitic merit the perpetrators may feel their work has. Nevertheless, it’s a shame Jeremy has been thrown in hot water for what, as far as I can see, are perfectly sensible comments.

A long time ago, when, as a student, I was making daily train journeys from Glengarnock into Glasgow Central station, there was a famous bit of graffiti which no-one in British Rail ever got round to removing, and which made most commuters smile whenever we saw it. It read: “My darling Flops, I love you.” I always wondered who Flops was.



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5 responses to “Top Tory in blogging gaffe shock!

  1. err, he said it in a speech not his blog. And thanks (not) for providing a link to an uptight blog. As they say in East Enders, ‘Leave’im, Tom, ‘e ain’t wurf it’

  2. Auntie Flo' - proud to be a member of Liberty

    Totally agree with you about Jeremy Hunt, he’s a good MP, seems honest (blimey!), works hard, fights hard for his constituents – and he’s the only MP I recall who has ever bothered to ask a parliamentary question regarding sub titling for deaf people of BBC coverage of parliament.

  3. Mark

    Isn’t part of the problem that in both your case and that of Jeremy Hunt, an MP from another party was willing to be quoted putting the boot in? Sure, blame The Sun – but shouldn’t Tony McNulty be blamed too for the comments he was happy to make to the The Sun backing up its story?

  4. James

    Amazing how many political blogs have the same theme today.Your name mentioned in a few, with Nadine in praise of you.

  5. John Stokes

    True, but let’s not forget why that story wound up in the Sun – it was a Labour Minister (Tony McNulty) who attacked Jeremy Hunt. Given your criticism of the Tories’ “opportunistic attack” on your blog piece, why aren’t you attacking McNulty in similar terms?

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