Hangin’ with the kids

To the north east this morning to unveil a plaque and make a speech to mark the opening of a new roads project. Numerous children were in attendance and presented a pleasant antidote to all the middle-aged men in suits (me, for instance).

But what do you say to a ten-year-old who’s been press ganged into sharing a photo opportunity with the minister?

“So, did you see Doctor Who last week?”


“Doctor Who. Did you see it last week? You know, with the beetle and the nuclear explosion and stuff.”

Blank expression. Embarrassed silence.

Photographer shouts: “Smile, please!”

Another embarrassed silence. I am the minister, after all. I should engage with young people.

“Davros is in it this week.”


“Creator of the Daleks.”

“Oh, right. Cool.”

More silence.

“Thank you,” yells the photographer.

My young interlocuter strolls back to his mates without so much as a backwards glance, undoubtedly impressed with how down with the kids and in touch with youth culture that surprisingly youthful minister is.

Booyakasha. As it were.


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One response to “Hangin’ with the kids

  1. John

    I wonder if there is a subliminal message in this blog?
    Centred around a fantasy, a leader, who appears to be on another planet, in charge of a pack of automatrons whose sole message is “YOU will obey”.
    Wanting to control everyone and thing.
    Sounds familiar to me, but then perhaps I watch toooooooooo much fictional TV.

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