Labour fail to win Henley; world ‘at an end’, say reports

Okay, I don’t deny it was a bad result for Labour in Henley last night, but good grief, the BBC are laying it on a bit thick, aren’t they?

So Labour voters stayed at home and most of those who turned out voted for the Liberals. That’s generally what happens when there’s a straight fight between the Tories and the Liberals in a by-election that everyone knows isn’t going to make a difference to who governs at Westminster. And as Tessa Jowell has just pointed out on BBC News, we were squeezed in exactly the same way in past by-elections, even when we had a significant national poll lead.

Still, let the baby have his bottle. If the Tories and the media imagine this means the end of Labour, bless. Gives them something to obsess about for a few days, and what’s wrong with that?



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8 responses to “Labour fail to win Henley; world ‘at an end’, say reports

  1. labourmatters

    Tom, I admire you and would broadly agree that Henley’s hardly a surprise, but I’m more than a little unnerved by the shrug of the shoulders reaction to the rise in Tory fortunes.

    Labour can’t do much about the international economic situation, and it’s true that our fortunes mirror the decline in the economy, but we can do something about the way we present ourselves. The media isn’t going to do it for us, that much should be obvious.

    Go take a look at our literature and compare it to the Tories’. Now do the same for our websites (national and MPs). Can you see what I’m talking about? The Tories have a clear and modern image now (in their presentation), whereas we look old-school and a bit fuzzy at the edges. It’s as if all the good work in rectifying our presentational problems whilst in opposition stopped once in government.

    I understand that there’s a new digital communications directorate to work alongside the Strategic Communications Unit, if so, can I assume that all this will soon be sorted out? Because from where I sit (and it’s where the voters sit too) they’ve got a lot to do to catch up.

  2. James

    That’s right Tom, keep denying there isn’t a problem. Keep on thinking your Party is not out of touch with the public, for the next two years. Perhaps then decent Labour politicians as yourself will realize how misjudged your actions have been.

  3. David

    You lost your deposit and fell somewhere between the BNP and Loonies. And from what I hear the party could have done with the deposit money back.

    Of course you were going to loose it. But really…

  4. did I say that?

    Lib/Lab merger within 20 years!

  5. did I say that? – wash your mouth out with soap! Of course, if any LibDem wants to repent and join us, that would be fine, I suppose.

  6. Mike

    The point is Tom that unless something is done we will be wiped out.
    It is all this head in the sand stuff that is the problem.

    Down here in West Country where some of our key marginals are located it is going to be a bloodbath.

  7. Harry

    “Okay, I don’t deny it was a bad result for Labour in Henley last night, but good grief, the BBC are laying it on a bit thick, aren’t they? ”

    There speaks a man with a majority of 11,000!

    Also while I’m here Tom, will Hattie’s new equality bill apply to the current cabinet? Seeing as it’s 65% male and 97% white?

  8. John

    “Byelections come,and byelections go.”
    The results of the forecoming Glasgow East Byelection should be interesting then. I wonder how much of that 13,000 majority has been frittered away?

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