Goodbye to David?

So is David leaving? I do hope not, but it did seem to be the case by the end of tonight’s episode of Doctor Who. The Doctor, having been (apparently) fatally wounded by a Dalek attack, seemed to be regenerating as the end titled began. Exciting stuff!

But what happens next? I am so tempted to start surfing the net to find out if anyone else knows what on earth is going to happen, but I aim to resist. David Tennant has been the best Doctor since Tom Baker – maybe even the best ever – and it would be such a shame if he were leaving. A coup for the BBC, mind you, if he’s leaving and they’ve managed to keep it secret all this time. The news that Christopher Eccleston had had enough was in the newspapers barely hours after his very first episode aired.

And if Tennant is leaving, who should take over? My tip? Simon Pegg.

Simon Pegg: never going to be the Doctor now that I’ve endorsed him


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4 responses to “Goodbye to David?

  1. labourmatters

    Simon Pegg appeared as The Editor in The Long Game episode. He was a baddie of course (all editors are!), so can’t be The Dr, surely.

  2. labourmatters – true, but there’s a precedent for this sort of thing. The first time Colin Baker appeared in Doctor Who, he played a Time Lord guard who shot Peter Davison’s Doctor. A year later he was cast in the role.

  3. They certainly did keep that quiet. But haven’t they also said that Tennant has already filmed the Christmas special?

    If they have somehow managed to film the special with a new doctor and kept it all secret then its a major achievement in mis-direction. More likely they will find some way of having the Doctor regenerate as Tennant again, but whatever happens its going to be a great finale next week.

  4. purpleskybaby

    I will be gutted if David Tennant has decided to leave, but I would be interested to see what Simon Pegg could do, he’s a lot better than any of the suggestions we’ve heard so far, in my opinion anyway.

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