Long memories

Sorry I wasn’t blogging yesterday. Events, dear boy…

To a constituency event today in the constituency, a family fun day organised by the Greater Pollok Integration Network at King George V playing fields in Kennishead. Unexpectedly asked to say a few words from the main stage; actually I wasn’t there in any official capacity, more because Ronnie and Reggie are bouncy castle addicts and they promised to hurt us if we didn’t take them.

As I was coming off the stage, a well-known local community activist collared me and said: “You and I don’t agree on much…” (Uh-oh, thought I) “but I totally agreed with what you were saying in the papers last week.”

I’ve been getting this a lot. Labour MPs in particular have concluded that any colleague who gets done over by the Daily Mail must, by definition, be A Good Thing. I recently had a conversation with a former member of the cabinet who still hasn’t forgiven the Mail for the Zinoviev letter.

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One response to “Long memories

  1. And what ‘events dear boy’ resulted in the tuesday promo here for your appearance on this week’s Question Time being mysteriously pulled after a couple of hours? Followers of ‘And another thing’ have a right to know if you are being leant on by the party machine.

    ‘Free the Marsham Street One’ – hmm, not the catchiest of slogans.

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