Rhetoric for the hard of thinking

Nicola Sturgeon MSP has welcomed the “eventual” signing by the Ministry of Defence of a contract with BAE Systems for two aircraft carriers. Fans of irony may enjoy this comment from her:

“It is unfortunate that the shipyards and the workforce have faced significant delay from the Ministry of Defence in signing the contract leading to some uncertainty at the yards but this is a good day for shipbuilding on the Clyde and in Rosyth.”

“Significant delay”? Seriously? How much of a “delay” would there be, Nicola, if you and your pals had succeeded in your wee plans for Scotland to secede from the rest of the country? How confident are you that an English government would spend billions of pounds securing Scottish shipyard jobs?

Nationalist dishonesty has always been entertaining to behold, but this level of cynicism is breathtaking.



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3 responses to “Rhetoric for the hard of thinking

  1. It’s not been signed with BAE.

    The contract has been placed with BVT Surface Ships, a JV company jointly owned by BAE (55%) and VT (45%).

    They are also responsible for on-going maintenance as well as building Type45 destroyers.

    Apologies for the naval crankery – I will return to my trains!

  2. Tom, the answer to your question is no delay at all.

    As stated in the SNP manifesto (a document seemingly impenetrable to many Labour politicians) the referendum is due in 2010. So just now the “wee plans” are proceeding rather nicely.

  3. Does the SNP manifesto have an addendum to highlight those promises they didn’t really mean? It should do.

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