Indiana Jones and the Complete Waste of Time and Money

Went to see the new Indiana Jones movie tonight. Can you guess from the headline what I thought of it? What a shame and a disappointment, because I loved the first two, liked the third and am a big fan of Harrison Ford. But really, what a mess. Apparently, the reason this film was delayed for so long was that Spielberg was waiting for a script that was good enough. I hate to think what the ones he rejected were like.


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2 responses to “Indiana Jones and the Complete Waste of Time and Money

  1. Yes, it really was dreadful. The special effects looked like they’d been done by some graduate compsci using Microsoft Paint.

    But even that pales into insignificance next to Indy’s gurning which, one assumes, was him trying to emote. What happened? Has Harrison Ford forgotten how to act in his dotage? Remedial acting classes needed there, I think.

  2. Haha.. haven’t seen the movie yet but already made a review about it on my site ( and i’m willing to see Indiana Jones as soon as possible cuz i’ve already finished the pc game and loved every moment of it 😀

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