Welcome to Unionism, Nicola

Just been watching Question Time on the BBC’s website, and I expect I’ll watch again and again in the weeks to come, but only that bit where Nicola Sturgeon, albeit through gritted teeth, admits that when Tim Henman was playing at Wimbledon, “the whole nation” were behind him. But what nation, Nicola?

I think we all know what you meant. Just don’t let Alex know.


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4 responses to “Welcome to Unionism, Nicola

  1. Which particular event did Henman play in this year?

  2. She was talking of Wimbledons past and comparing the support for Henman then with support for Andy Murray now

  3. i wouldn’t get too excited Tom, it is possible to support those playing for ‘Britain’ but still support independence đŸ˜‰

    Think of it as the new face of Scottish Natioanlism …

  4. I did find it amusing that The Times had, on their front page, “the first British Wimbledon finalist in years”

    of course, they chose to forget about Jamie Murray.

    I guess being Scottish doesn’t count as being British these days….

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