Who next?

Only a few hours until Doctor Who and the question on everyone’s lips is: “Who?” Or possibly “How?” Maybe even “Why?” Whatever, there’s a question in there somewhere.

I’ve heard all sorts of rumours about who might play the 11th Doctor: James Nesbitt, Simon Pegg (I started that one), Robert Carlisle, Jennifer Saunders*.

My guess? David Tennant. Something to do with his own severed hand, still sitting in a jar inside the Tardis, will allow him to regenerate into himself. Or something like that. Whatever happens, it’s nothing that a good old reversal of the polarity of the neutron flow won’t be able to sort out.

BBC1 at 6.40pm. Miss it not.

* In the ’70s, a regular wheeze of the media was to speculate that the next Doctor Who actor would be a woman. “They can’t do that,” I would say with misogynist, pre-enlightened indignation. “They’d have to change the title to Nurse Who…”



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2 responses to “Who next?

  1. IMDb User

    “Carlyle”, not “Carlisle”.
    Personally I’d prefer a CGI Patrick Troughton to any of them, but that just shows my age.

  2. well, check out the big brains on Brad.

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