Peak demand

I can only look on with envy, salivating slightly, whenever Iain Dale or Guido publish their visitor numbers. This is part of a screenshot of my own stats. Can you guess which point of the graph represents the controversy over “Heaven knows we’re miserable now“? I got more hits on Friday 20 June than in the whole of May.

There was much speculation at the time that (a) I was an idiot even to have a blog in the first place, and (b) that I would be under pressure to stop it. (b) certainly hasn’t happened. As to (a), that’s a judgment I’ll leave to others, but I still think MPs, and even ministers, should be using this medium, even if, occasionally, it makes us more vulnerable to criticism than we would like.


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3 responses to “Peak demand

  1. You should measure the quality rather than the quantity of your visitors! Trouble is, as anyone who’s ever tried to run a performance related pay or bonus system could attest, that’s very much easier to say than to do…

  2. James

    I must admit to stumbling upon your blog during that peak period, but have continued to make daily visits since, even though you seem to be in a Dr. Who fantasy world of late.However, you come over as a decent person who is prepared to print both the good and bad comments and who realizes the potential power of the internet, so long may you blog.
    Two years ago there were 111 Labour MPs who were void of even a website (and 45 Conservative), let alone a blog.Quite a number had no email address. I sure each and everyone of them had use of at least one computer.
    My young daughter, whilst on the official parliament website, at that time, accessed a Minister’s website only to find it had been ‘hijacked’ and advertising adult sites displaying indecent photos.The same thing happened on a senior conservative’s site. Only a complaint to Sir Philip Mawer eventually got them removed. We received an apology from the conservative member , and a deadly silence from the Minister.
    Thankfully many more MPs now have email and website facilities and many more are blogging.
    P.S. Interesting you haven’t shown the vertical scale, does each block represent tens?

  3. Auntie Flo'

    You’ve improved your ratings, Tom, well done!

    I second James comments to a certain extent too. Though your warped sense of humour, your nulab spin and your refusal to reply to issues raised chronically annoys me, I applaud your willingness to expose yourself in this way 🙂

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