An old joke, but a good one

A Labour activist is walking along a clifftop path, when he sees two people clinging by their fingertips from the edge. Turns out that one is a Tory and the other is a Liberal Democrat. So the moral dilemma is this: which one does the Labour Party member kick off first? The answer? The Tory – business before pleasure…

You can use that one if you want.


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4 responses to “An old joke, but a good one

  1. James

    Well Tom, given Labour’s poor poll ratings and dilemmas of late, the activist was probably on the cliff looking for a suitable spot to throw himself off anyway.

  2. sue

    Marx is round at Engels house for a cup of tea – after a while he needs a wee. He pops off to Engels’ bathroom, and comes back looking a bit confused – “Here, Friedrich, sweet’eart, every time I flush your lav, I hear beautiful classical music – why’s that?”
    “Ah”, says Engels “That’ll be the violins inherent in the cistern”

  3. sue – that is a top gag and I will now repeat it as my own. Thank you.

  4. sue

    well myou might like this one too…

    Why do communists only drink herbal tea?

    …Because proper tea is theft.

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