Labour Transport Group

A quick plug for a relatively new grouping of Labour members who are organising to promote debate on transport policy within the party. Earlier this evening I attended an excellent meeting of the group hosted by former transport minister Stephen Ladyman.

Anyone interested in having more information on the group or in joining should email the secretary, Mark Watts, at



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3 responses to “Labour Transport Group

  1. Harry T.

    Maybe you can get rid of the looped audio message that greets me twice a day at Glasgow Queen Street Station instructing me how to walk up (or down) a set of stairs. Funnily enough I learned how to traverse a set of stairs about 29 years ago and have been managing to recreate this stunning feat ever since without the aid of a drab SPT employee in my left lug-hole.

  2. I’ve flagged this on my blog.

  3. Fact Compiler – thank you!

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