David v Goliath: postponed

David Cairns, the Scotland Office minister, was doing Scottish Questions on his own today so I offered him some moral support on the front bench. Not that he needed it. He wiped the floor with the Nats, as usual. At one point he mocked our First Minister’s refusal to lower himself to debate on Newsnight with “a boy from a council house scheme in Greenock”, which got a laugh. You can watch Salmond’s “Michael Howard moment” below, and many thanks to Kezia Dugdale for drawing this to my attention.



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5 responses to “David v Goliath: postponed

  1. David Marshall's Expense Account

    As you’re so keen on the SNP implementing their manifesto promises can we assume that Labour MSPs will be voting for SNP policy in the Scottish Parliament then?

  2. I do hope not. I expect the Scottish “Government” to deliver on its promises as set out during last year’s elections, during which (and correct me if I’m wrong) the SNP made no reference to depending on Labour to fulfill its promises.

    Incidentally, I’m more impressed by those Nats with the courage to leave comments in their own name. Ashamed of your politics? I don’t blame you.

  3. Hi Tom

    What a shocking interview, surely it only serves to highlight the bias of the BBC!

    That aside, it’s impossible for any party to guarantee that they will implement every word of their manifesto, let alone a party running a minority government and one that has only been in office for a year. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t any government need to plan the implementation of their manifesto over the duration of their term in office?

    I think that given the SNP are a minority government they are doing extraordinarily well to implement what they have and perform as well as they have to date.

    Let’s not forget, while we’re talking manifesto pledges, that Labour promised a referendum on what has now been rebranded the Lisbon Treaty and failed to meet that pledge.

    Or how about Blair standing at a lectern in 1997, stabbing the air with his finger, pronouncing “education, education, education” … he was still at it in 2005. 8 years later.

    The point is, the SNP are meeting their manifesto pledges, some will slip by the way-side, but so far they’re doing a pretty fine job and they’ve still got plenty of time left during this term in government.

    At the end of their term we’ll know for sure how well or otherwise they’ve done and we’ll be able to hold that up and compare that with the decades wasted by their predecessor/s.


  4. Hasn’t it occurred to you Mr Ketttle that if Paxo was quizzing you on railway policy and came up with a ‘have you stopped beating your wife’ question you would stick to the line to take, just as Alex Pot did?

    And you wonder why politicians are held in low esteem.

  5. I agree with Captain Deltic. It was an aggressive and unpleasant interview, and the sort of treatment you could mete out on any politician in a government. What about Tony Blair’s promise of a ‘publicly owned, publicly accountable railway’? Or his conviction that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

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