DD, H&H and public interest gone AWOL

Remember all the fuss in the media and in certain blogs when David Davis, Magna Carta’s champion*, announced he was resigning his seat over 42 days? You don’t? Well, don’t worry about it, because no-one else does either.

Have a look at these comments left on Guido Fawkes’ blog at the time. My favourite one, in response to a comment I had left, is: “You won’t know what has hit you once this particular ball gets rolling. You’ll have every civil liberties campaigner from half the globe swarming all over this one!” Er… well, okay, if you say so…

For those who are interested, polling is tomorrow. Expect wall-to-wall coverage on all the major networks**. And don’t forget to keep my handy armchair guide to turnout handy.

* With some caveats, the main one being DD’s support for 28 days pre-charge detention
** Don’t expect that at all

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