Have I been had?

So you tell me: was the piece by Steven Berkoff in the last issue of The Spectator a spoof? Am I dunce for having taken it as a serious piece of over-the-top, luvvycentric brown-nosing? Or was it exactly what it said on the tin?

A comment left on my original post yesterday from a regular correspondent has raised some doubt in my head. After all, surely no-one could have written stuff like that (“Ah, this is an eight-point stag…” – I mean, come off it!) and expected to be taken seriously?

Comments welcome, because I’m seriously confused now.



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4 responses to “Have I been had?

  1. B4L

    Why would Berkoff declare in favour of the Conservatives and then spoof them – at The Spectator of all places? Wishful thinking from your correspondent, I think.

  2. Frank Davis

    Sorry if I’ve thrown you a bit, Tom. I didn’t mean to. Honest.

    I first read the piece as you advertised it – “Pass the sick bag.” But when I read the whole thing – rather than just your clipping from it -, I couldn’t help thinking that it was a) extremely well written, and b) most likely a spoof – the latter quality being strongly dependent on the former. It had to be very well written to be almost believable as a straight bit of writing. Berkoff, I felt, must have taken a wicked pleasure in writing it, and poking fun at all concerned, himself not least.

    But then I don’t know anything at all about Steven Berkoff. I believe he is an actor. And a rather well known one. But quite clearly he is a very talented writer as well. If, as the previous commenter has said, he has declared in favour of the Conservatives, I wonder if that might not be quite the blessing it might on the face of it seem to be.

    But, hey, what do I know? And I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

  3. Frank Davis

    Still confused?

  4. Always. And for many different reasons

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