Middle-aged kicks

The rain didn’t spoil tonight’s Party on the Boat gig at Westminster Pier, where MP4 played their latest gig. Top night, as usual (this was the fourth such annual event) and the band were in top form. Lots of “dad dancing” from the largely middle-aged audience, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But I have to say that the highlight of the evening was when the legendary Feargal Sharkey took to the mike to perform the number for which his former band, The Undertones, are arguably most famous: Teenage Kicks. This also happens to be Carolyn’s all-time favorite song and I called her to let her hear it over my mobile, but apparently all she heard was an incoherent noise.

But it was brilliant. A genuine privilege to have been there for Feargal’s performance.



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2 responses to “Middle-aged kicks

  1. “apparently all she heard was an incoherent noise” – so she knew it was you calling then? Ha ha…

  2. Nathan Yeowell

    ’twas probably the highlight of the evening. Or was that the women MPs frugging along?

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