NHS: A difficult beginning

The BBC showed a very powerful and eye-opening docudrama at the weekend, NHS: A difficult beginning (I would have thought A difficult birth would have been better, but there you are). It powerfully contradicted the nonsense that’s been doing the rounds recently, namely that the Tories supported the creation of the NHS and that Labour opposed it. No, seriously.

It will be available on BBC iPlayer until the end of this week.

The most important thing you should know about A difficult beginning is that it starred one Patrick Brennan as Nye Bevan. Not the first time this talented Welsh thesp has played a Labour politician; he played Harold Wilson in The Reporter last year at the National Theatre. He is also the younger brother of my mate Kevin Brennan, the education minister and MP for Cardiff West. Kevin is also the guitarist for MP4, The Best Band In The World Whose Membership Is Drawn Exclusively From The House of Commons, who, coincidentally, are playing a gig tonight on a boat at Westminster pier.

MP4: John, Paul, George and Kevin (left)

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