Always on my mind

There’s a tune going through my head right now. Specifically it’s “The Musical Box” by Genesis. This is because the House of Commons annunciator – the green-screened TV monitors dotted throughout the palace which display who’s speaking in the chamber – makes an audible musical noise, rather like the sound of someone strumming a guitar, every time someone new gets up to speak. And it always reminds me of the intro to “The Musical Box” by Genesis (as featured on the classic album, Nursery Cryme).

The same thing happens every time I switch on my Mac: it makes a musical noise which sounds a bit like the intro for Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams”.

My brain is a scary place to be, sometimes.



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6 responses to “Always on my mind

  1. Liz

    I’ll have to listen to the annunciator sound more carefully. It could also seem to be saying “ta da!” rather quietly and modestly…

  2. James

    Many years ago, my work took me to a house,just off the A40 (near Ealing in London). The name on the worksheet was Ms Barbara Speake. We were let in through the front door and all around the hall walls hung gold and platignum discs. They belonged to Phil Collins and we were in his mum’s house.Magical day for us but I suppose you’re used to rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty Tom.

  3. Shelldrake

    Platignum? Didn’t they make pens…?

  4. thebristolblogger

    Anyone who thinks that a bunch of Charterhouse schoolboys dressed up as flowers is in any way good is simply beyond any kind of help.

    The chord on your Mac is Brian Eno by the way.

  5. To be fair, only Gabriel dressed up.

  6. Bedd Gelert

    You should get a job working for a record company legal department hassling people who are nicking samples of ‘their’ music…

    But then you probably think all intellectual property is theft anyway ?

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