Osama Saeed, Alex Salmond and £215,000

Scotland on Sunday have broken what could turn out to be one of the most important Scottish political stories of the year.

UPDATE at 12.25pm: In anticipation of the howls of spontaneous “outrage” that will inevitably emanate from nationalist defenders over this story, let me pose this question: Had Saeed been a Labour candidate and Jack McConnell, when First Minister, had given him £215,000, how would the Nats have reacted?



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5 responses to “Osama Saeed, Alex Salmond and £215,000

  1. wrinkled weasel

    As far as I can tell, the story has been quietly dropped. To me, it had all the hallmarks of a desperate made up story. That is, the journalists concerned appeared to have hit on a fact and then done the rounds to whip up a bit of aggro, which they clearly failed to do. Over at the Herald, they have a story about incompetence over grant administration, but it’s hardly Watergate.

    As you will certainly know, The Scotsman is no friend of the SNP, and neither is the Herald.

    To try and look at this objectively, I notice that Labour and the SNP are upping the stakes a bit, especially over the embyology bill. I hope against hope that either Labour or the SNP don’t use this issue as a cheap shot steal votes.

    (WW. I am an Englishman, living in Scotland. I voted SNP last time out because they are a party with principles I agree with. I only get “outraged” at wars, political correctness and public servants on the take.)

    I don’t agree in principle with the SNP handing out grants to organisations such as the SIF. It smacks more to me of bribery than croneyism. Handing out cash to promote “community cohesion” sounds more like Naff Labour.

    Great blog.

  2. wrinkled weasel

    Crikey, I have just looked up your official mugshot on the interwebby. No wonder you don’t use it on here – it’s William Shatner!

  3. I’ve linked to this Tom, added you to my blog roll, and also discovered not only that Mr Saeed is not well thought of by Ed Husain but also that it is very hard indeed to lay hands on a picture of the man alongside Alex Salmond. Is there some kind of Mugabe moment avoidance going on? Just in case Osama moves on from promoting the Caliphate to endorsing Hizb_ut-Tahrir, as my local Tories have effectively done. I’m hearing CCHQ have now replied to representations from Tony Lloyd on the matter.

    Same is not quite so true of Bashir Ahmad, there is one photo session extant, though he is an MSP and hard to avoid on that basis.

  4. Hi, where do you get it from that the Herald are not friends with Alex Salmond? I have known of several excellent critical articles about Salmond rejected recently by the editor of the Herald. Salmond has the Scottish media eating out of his hand. This is the first critical article to appear. Go Tom! Go Eddie Barnes!

    Saeed is a slimy evasive character, and SIF is a Muslim Brotherhood front organisation aimed at training up a cadre of future Islamists who will influence policy, drip, drip, to Islamise Britain. He is no democrat but wants to stifle critical debate about Islam/Islamism and set up an international Caliphate (mad, I know, but he means it) in which non-Muslims will be subject to Muslims as second class citizens (or we could always convert!). Al Quaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood have identical goals – global Islamic supremacy – they only differ about tactics. MB are for the slow sneaky route, influence policy, infiltrate government; AQ for the quick revolutionary route; and the two are only at loggerheads over strategy, with MB considering AQ’s tactics likely to make the goal unsuccessful. Otherwise they are both right wing totalitarian reactionaries whose idea of justice is discriminatory and the sooner politicians wake up to this fact the better.

    Saeed has conned Salmond into thinking that because he disavows the violent revolutionary route he can ‘solve’ the problem of violent Islamic extremism. Yes, he’ll ‘solve’ the violent bit but not the extremism bit. He’s part of the problem, not the solution. Recent people giving courses at his Foundation include Kemal Helbawy the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Saeed also shares platforms with Hizbut Tahrir and the discredited Azzam Tamimi who supports Hamas is an ally. Just the other day Saeed was at the IslamExpo in London sharing platforms with extremists. Government ministers pulled out of this event after Hazel Blears got onto what the real agenda was. At IslamExpo he was often with Anas Altikriti and it seems he’s planning an IslamExpo in Scotland next year called IslamFest. All on tax payers money of course! More ‘Islam is Peace’ stuff for the gullible. True liberal voices like Aman de Sondy or Ed Husain are excluded.

    The MB agenda is to infiltrate government by posing as the ‘acceptable’ face of radical political Islam and influencing policy. The fact that they are willing to use the democratic process means nothing, their end goal is totalitarian. Saeed is not even elected to Glasgow Central yet but in February Salmond appointed him to an important committee on getting Trident out of the Clyde, so I’d say they’re having some success.

    Saeed and his father, brother and cousins have long campaigned for a state funded ‘Islamic school’ in Glasgow in the teeth of opposition from the Labour controlled City Council. They will establish an ‘Islamic ethos’ and teach classical Arabic and other essential skills for modern life! This despite the fact that several state schools already have rolls of 90% Muslim pupils in Glasgow, so why do they need an ‘Islamic’ school to achieve an ‘Islamic’ ethos? This plan will be presented to Glasgow City Council in September so watch the sparks fly. Or will the Herald do its usual whitewash?

    Saeed is intent on creating a sectarian Islamic society in Pollokshields – the first piece of his Islamic Caliphate. He’s already got a special Muslim Police Force. Islamists want Muslims to have special rights that nobody else has – that’s how they will create their two tier discriminatory system in their favour, the first stage in our willing subjugation! And Salmond goes gamely along! What a deceiver! What a patriot! And where is the opposition??? Salmond has conned Pauline McNeill MSP, Nicol Stephen MSP and Annabelle Goldie MSP into gladhanding Saeed!

    And the press? Supine!!! My God, do we have problems in Scotland….

  5. The SIF were given money to promote harmony. However their website Scottish Islamic Foundation is full with propaganda supporting Palestine and anti-Israel I don’t see anything relating to harmony in Scotland or world wide for the SIF paid by British taxpayers money to support Hamas

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