Competition time

AN INJUSTICE has been perpetrated. Osama Saeed, SNP parliamentary candidate and supreme leader of the suddenly well-off Scottish Islamic Foundation, is rumoured to have been inexplicably cold-shouldered by his party’s leadership.

Possibly uniquely among SNP candidates, if rumour is to be believed, Osama has yet to have his picture taken with his leader and benefactor, Alex Salmond.

I’m not sure I believe this, however. It’s not as if Osama’s views on the restoration of the Islamic Caliphate or on Sharia law are out of line with SNP policy, surely?

So I’m announcing a nationwide competition: whoever can prove that Osama and Alex have indeed been pictured together in the time-honoured tradition of party leaders and their followers, will receive a fabulous gift from yours truly.

The search begins now. It must be out there somewhere, surely. Surely…?



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8 responses to “Competition time

  1. Close, Flo, but no cigar – I can’t see Osama in the pic with Alex

  2. Auntie Flo'

    Far left of picture, Tom

  3. Hardly identifiable as anyone, Flo. Let it go…

  4. Auntie Flo'

    It’s not Osama, I think it’s Humza Yousf

  5. Here is Alex Salmond and Osama Saeed t the Launch of SIF.

    Here is Alex Salmond, Pauline McNeil (Lab), Nicol Stephen (LD) and Annabel Goldie (Con) at the same event.

    Here is Osama with Cardinel Keith O’Brien at the same event.

    I`m sure that its not your intent to try and undermine an organisation that is working hard to engage with young Scottish Muslims. Given the wide support given to SIF, by all parties, and by other faiths (through Cardinal O’Brien) I would hope that you will wish them well in their efforts.

  6. Well done Tom

    These images didn’t come up in Google searches but it is good to hear that Salmond is not so ashamed of Saeeed or Saeed of Salmond that they have never been pictured together.

    One of my correspondents has actually found them on video also.

    So Capihate and Saltire CAN live in perfect harmony then. Great.

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