We have a winner!

WELL, that didn’t take long. Councillor Mark McDonald, deputy leader of the SNP group on Aberdeen City Council, has kindly located this excellent picture of our First Minister endorsing Osama Saeed as the nationalist candidate in Glasgow Central.
Bottle of House of Commons whisky on its way to you, Mark, if you let me have an address. Or I can hand it over to you in person if you want to meet up during the Glasgow East by-election campaign.

(NOTE: Mark McDonald has rightly pointed out to me that an addition I made to this posting after he commented made it look like he was ignoring the additional, political point. That wasn’t the intention, so I’ve amended this post – something I would only rarely do in retrospect.)



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3 responses to “We have a winner!

  1. I will be about during the campaign trail this week, not sure of my movements, if worst comes to worst my address is on the council website, as is my telephone number (also on my blog).

  2. Auntie Flo'

    Well done, Mark. Good pic too.

    Can I ask you, Tom, is it right that MPs have the privilege of paying Duty Free prices at the Palace of Westminster while those of us with our noses pressed to the political bubble are taxed to the hilt?

  3. No, of course it’s not true. Or if it is, no-one’s told me…

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