Margaret’s the star

ONE thing that keeps coming up on the doorsteps in Glasgow East is how much people think of Margaret Curran, who has been a brilliant MSP for Ballieston for nine years.

But hey, enough of my yakkin’… whadda ya say? Let’s boogie…*

*Name that movie



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7 responses to “Margaret’s the star

  1. Cropstar

    Surely Del Amitri – Nothing Ever Happens would be more a more apt backing tune reflecting Labour’s performance in Glasgow East over the past few decades?

  2. Andrew

    …. of her £3m state funeral courtesy of Gordon Brown.

  3. Auntie Flo'

    Looks like you’ve got a good candidate who is going to win this one for you. As long as she intends to stay in the job or is this just a holding position?

    Curran has not resigned as an MSP yet and I believe she has said that she won’t do so ‘in the short term’ even if she is elected an MP. No one can be that greedy, so there’s something rather fishy about that statement. Harperson has rightly criticised Salmond for being a part-time MP and part-time MSP.

    What does this mean, Tom, that the duties of an MP and MSP are really only part-time ones?

    Or that Curran is happy to take two full-time salaries for two part-time jobs?

  4. Auntie Flo'

    Sorry cut off the last sentence of that last posting, which was:

    Or is Curran standing for this seat with the aim of standing down once the current political crisis for nulabour is over?

  5. She’s already said that she would take only one salary. You’re about two weeks out of date, Flo. Do you feel as dumb as you look now?

  6. Auntie Flo'

    labourmatters said:

    Flo. Do you feel as dumb as you look now?

    1. Nope, because it reinforces the suspicion that Margaret Curran wants to keep a foot a foot in both camps partly because she does not plan to be in the job all that long – once she’s saved Brown’s bacon, that is.

    2. Are you suggesting that Margaret won’t be claiming any MPs’ £100K t0 £150K snout in the trough expenses? If so, I’ll believe that when I see it.

    3. I’ve bounced between numbness and outrage at your anti-democractic party’s erosion of my civil liberties and destruction of my country since your lot came to power, labourmatters, so why would one more chilling or roasting either way make any difference?

    4. The fact that the people of Scotland, around 8% (?) of UK’s population, have the democratic advantage of power devolved to their own parliament while such democratic arrangements are scandalously and unjustly denied to the people of England by your government, numbs and outrages me mightily.

    5. The disorportionate number of Scots who are and have been government ministers similarly numbs me.

    6 The scandalous fact that Scotland’s MPs have double the power of England’s because they can vote for – even punitive – legislation for England which does not affect or discomfort their constituents in Scotland in any way doesn’t so much numb me as make my blood boil.

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