Street walker

NO BLOGGING today – I’ll be pounding the streets of Glasgow East. I will still be able to check and approve comments on my PDA, though, so keep them coming. And mind your language, please.



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4 responses to “Street walker

  1. Glad to see you’re hard at it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Frank Davis

    Reading the Herald, I can see quite why you’re pounding the streets of Glasgow East.

    Labour is not the machine it once was. It struggles for local activists. The SNP, meanwhile, has the numbers to turn up everywhere

    No wonder Labour MPs are hauled in to pound the streets. It’s all hands to the the pumps..

    Interesting statistic from Simon Heffer in the Telegraph on Glasgow East:

    Its life expectancy for males is just about the lowest in Europe: 63, but in one ward, Calton, it is 54. … below the life expectancy of North Korea and Iraq.

  3. The Herald said that? Gosh! It must be true then… Check out Kezia Dugdale’s blog (link on my blogroll) for an example of one of the SNP’s six-strong MPs campaigning on his tod because of a lack of nat volunteers

  4. John

    Good luck for today pounding the streets. Very hard and tiring work.

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