In Shirley Bassey’s footsteps

WELSH singer Duffy is strongly rumoured to be the first choice of James Bond producers to sing the theme tune of the forthcoming Quantum of Solace.

I had heard a previous rumour that aged rockers Duran Duran were tipped to record the all-important title tune, so becoming only the second artist to have recorded more than one Bond theme song. But the tradition of Bond themes has (almost) always been to use an artist who is currently big among young people whose purchase of 45s is recorded in the Hit Parade, so that would seem to exclude Duran Duran for most of the past 20 years. Talk about dodging the zeitgeist.

I just hope they write a decent, iconic theme. Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” was a stormer and a huge improvement on the bland instantly-forgettable theme songs from all four of its predecessors (Bassey apparently turned down the chance to perform the Bono composition “Goldeneye” because she didn’t think it was strong enough. She was right, and singing duties fell to the uninspiring Tina Turner). I mean, who can even remember the meolody of “Tomorrow Never Dies” or “The World Is Not Enough”? As for Madonna’s “Die Another Day”, that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons.



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6 responses to “In Shirley Bassey’s footsteps

  1. Tom,

    It could be worse, the makers of Mission Impossible got bloody Limp Bizkit to perform the theme tune. Mind you, there’d be uproar if some guff metal band was to sing the bond theme, wouldn’t there?

    The Chris Cornell theme was oustanding though. Have you seen the new Bond trailer? It is tremendous!


  2. I have indeed. And if you follow the link on my original post you can find it on another part of my blog.

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    When I think of James Bond themes, I am reminded of Gordon Brown. Its ‘Hey big spender’.

  4. Johnny – apart from being the world’s lamest attempt to score a political point out of an entirely non-political posting, “Hey Big Spender” is not a James Bond theme.

  5. stewartcowan

    Even I have to let my hair down sometimes (what’s left of it). Last week, Iain Dale asked for suggestions for possible titles of MPs autobiographies. My theme (no pun intended) was James Bond books/films. I’ll submit them again here for people’s amusement or otherwise.

    Tony Blair – Live and Let Die

    George W Bush & Dick Cheney – The World is not Enough

    Mark Oaten – The Guy Who Loved Me

    Wendy Alexander – Moneyraker

    John Prescott – Blunderball

    Gordon Brown – Die Another Day

    Vladimir Putin – From Russia with Radioactive Poison

    Simon Hughes – For Everyone’s Eyes Only

    Cyril Smith – Thunderthighs

    Evan Harris – Dr Death

    and, not a politician, but…

    Sir Ian Blair – Licence to Kill (The Innocent)

  6. Martin Cullip

    Liam Donaldson – Dr No You Can’t Live Your Life the Way You Want to, You Do As We Say Or Else We Will Fine You and You Will Be Denormalised.

    Is that too long for a film title, or are long film titles not banned yet? šŸ˜‰

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