The Beeb and the SNP: this is just getting silly

JOHN Michie, the Taggart actor, supported Scottish independence a year ago. Now he’s supporting Labour. So a Labour gain, then. Good story. How about it, BBC Scotland, fancy running with this one?

Er, yes, well…

Our good friends at the BBC (you know, the same ones who are trying to protect Smilin’ Nicola Sturgeon from any public embarassment caused by her rudeness to a security guard) reckon that the real story is that Mr Michie used to support independence, and that therefore this is a bad news story for Labour! No, seriously.

I wonder how many SNP card-carriers there actually are at Pacific Quay?



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4 responses to “The Beeb and the SNP: this is just getting silly

  1. Richard

    The difference being that his political views are diametrically opposed to the mainstream policies espoused by the Labour Party.

  2. Andrew

    Your paranoia is quite amusing.
    What will you be like when your party symbol is turned into a noose, printed on the front of the top selling tabloid and then displayed on the tables at polling stations by the election staff?

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    You have had plenty of support on Newsnight from Mr Crick, he thinks Labour will win.

  4. Andrew – isn’t your party’s logo already a noose?

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