You’ve been framed!*

Kezia Dugdale has a very intriguing snippet about an SNP “cabinet” minister being kicked out of a Glasgow East shopping centre for being a nuisance.

More interesting is her allegation that BBC Scotland filmed the whole thing but are refusing to broadcast it. Surely that can’t possibly be true? There’s no way that BBC Scottish National Party Scotland would ever conspire in such an un-transparent way on behalf of one of the political parties, is there? Is there…?

UPDATE at 2.05pm: Apparently it was Nicola Sturgeon. Still haven’t been able to confirm whether the BBC caught it on film, but if they did and have decided not to use it, I’m guessing that judgment would apply to any other party facing an embarrassing incident. Yes?

* allegedly



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18 responses to “You’ve been framed!*

  1. Do you want to know who it is? Do you?!

  2. Zorro

    A Labour politician complaining about the british socialist broadcasting company! Wonders will never cease…

  3. Toryboy – I really do! Oh, come on, I put you on my blogroll and everything! Please?

  4. Allegedly it was Ms Sturgeon….

  5. Kezia claims it was Nicola Sturgeon in the comments section of her blog …

    … do I get on your blogroll 😛


  6. Johnny Norfolk

    A Labour person complaining about BBC bias.
    We have to put up with the BBC leftie views all the time, so stop moaning about it.

  7. Auntie Flo'

    Now you know what it feels like, Tom, we in England have – allegedly – had to put up with the BBC being nulabour’s PC mouthpiece and brain washing service plus part of nulabour’s ideological wing for over a decade.

    Sickening, isn’t it?

  8. Since you’ve decided that the BBC in Scotland is bias, do you care to name any journalists or producers who you believe to be biased in their coverage?

  9. Auntie Flo'

    Tom , you will know that it’s forecast that our country will soon lose 20% of its churches, most of these centres of the community and rural areas, stunning and ancient pieces of heritage as well as havens for wild life and greenspace (graveyards).

    Do you support Frank Field’s Early Day Motion as part of the:


    That this House acknowledges the vital role that churches play at the heart of their communities; recognises that the UK’s churches are under threat as never before; notes that two churches in Britain close every seven days due to lack of a congregation and that a fifth of churches are forecast to disappear over the next generation; and supports The Sunday Telegraph’s Save our Churches campaign, with its goals of increasing government funding for the conservation of places of worship, introducing grants to enable listed places of worship to become focal points for the community, keeping listed places of worship exempt from paying VAT on repair work, and making it easier for listed places of worship to be adapted for community use.

    You will presumably not be able to vote for this proposal, even if you want to, as ministers are not allowed to vote for EDMs – why is that?

  10. wrinkled weasel

    It’s ironic to have a Labour MP complaining about BBC bias. (By the way I don’t believe it for a minute – maybe it’s just that the broadcast media here are not falling over themselves to give Labour a free BJ. like they are down south. And while we are at it, can you recommend a dead tree sheet that is pro SNP? No. I thought not.

    Straws, clutching, at. Do I see a sinking ship on the horizon?

    (BTW Anyone who mucks about with the lovely Nicola, will get put on Santa’s naughty list and a dry slap)

  11. Flo – Because no-one ever votes for EDMs; they’re not voted on.

  12. Auntie Flo'

    Tom said:

    Flo – Because no-one ever votes for EDMs; they’re not voted on.

    Hm, didn’t know that. Ministers do not, however, attend EDM debates, do they? Why not?

  13. Sorry, Flo, there’s no such thing as an EDM debate – they’re neither debated nor voted on. Occasionally the opposition will use the text of an EDM as the motion for an opposition day debate, but then we’re debating an opposition motion, not the EDM.

  14. Why can’t there be any funny stories in this by-election without the Cybernats turning into utter arseholes about them?

    Is it a funny story? Yes.
    Will it cost the party votes? No
    Will it change the tide of the election? No
    Are the Nats just a bit sensitive? Yes

  15. Absolutely. I know of one former nat MP to whom no Labour MP could say “Good morning” without her responding along the lines of “Good?! How can it be good when my nation is toiling under the yoke of English oppression?! etc, etc…”

  16. It’s got to be a Ewing, hasn’t it Tom?

  17. I couldn’t possibly comment…

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