Nicola’s in demand in the East End

VENUES in Glasgow’s East End are battling it out for the privilege of being next in line to chuck Nicola Sturgeon off their premises.

Following her eviction by a security guard from a shopping centre two days ago, Nicola – known as “Ray of Sunshine” to her friend – has been in demand from shopkeepers, landlords and homeless persons, all vying to beat the record for how long it takes between Nicola dismissing her host with a haughty wave of her hand to landing on her backside on the pavement outside.

BBC Scotland are expected to film the next eviction. But not broadcast it.


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3 responses to “Nicola’s in demand in the East End

  1. Tom, I was just wondering, by-the-by, in the way that you do, why on earth the security guard at a (public) shopping centre considered Sturgeon and the BBC crew interviewing her should have required ‘permission’ to film?

    Strikes me as a tad excessive and authoritarian…

    Any ideas?

    Terrorism acts?
    Blocking the entrance?
    General Orwellian control freakery?
    Is this what Scotland is coming to?

  2. I can’t speak for this particular shopping centre, but I have one in my own constituency which is privately owned (most are) and where the owners simply don’t allow political campaigning.

  3. James

    A lot of it is to do with ‘elf and safety and arrogant b’s not asking for permission in the first place. People assume they have the right to roam anywhere they please.

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