So absurd it can’t be true. Can it?

I AM informed that Scotland no longer has Neets. No, not headlice – NEETS, young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training. Not that the SNP “government” has succeeded in getting them all into work or training, they’ve simply changed their name (allegedly).

Instead of Neets, they’re now called Young Persons Requiring Holistic Empowerment Within A Safe and Nurturing Environment. Or something.

South of Carlisle, we still have Neets, but apparently the PC police took advantage of the change in administration at Holyrood last year to pounce on inexperienced new ministers and persuade them of the case that the term Neets was somehow offensive (of course).

Altogether now: “It’s political correctness gone…”


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10 responses to “So absurd it can’t be true. Can it?

  1. wrinkled weasel

    “Young Persons Requiring Holistic Empowerment Within A Safe and Nurturing Environment”..or as we say in our house, “a kick up the arse”

  2. Richard

    Damn those SNP devils changing acronyms without consulting anyone. Why, it’s political correctness gone nowhere.

  3. stewartcowan

    The truth is that children and young people get a raw deal, period.

    The last vestiges of animal tissue mechanically removed from carcasses end up in dog food or chicken nuggets, turkey burgers and the like, i.e. children’s food.

    Not only in the food industry are children treated like animals, but also by Britain’s sex industry, headed by government ‘advisors,’ and ‘charities.’

    Anyone with any common sense or decency instinctively knows that if children hear about sex all the time, they will be more curious about it and that there is a time and place to start addressing certain issues.

    So why does the government implement advice that increases sexual activity among the young?

    Look at the advisors, like the Teenage Pregnancy Independent Advisory Group (TPIAG) which was set up in 2000 to advise the Government on the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy and to monitor its implementation.

    Who are these ‘independent advisors?’

    The list is here:

    It seems to me that every one, or almost every one of them is expert in dishing out contraception.

    One of them is Simon Blake who is Chief Executive of Brook, “the leading voluntary sector provider of integrated sexual health services for young people across the UK.”

    Their raison d’être is offering contraception and abortion ‘services.’

    Without a conveyor belt of dysfunctional people, their influence over the government diminishes.

    Is it any wonder they lobby the government to sell sex in primary schools under the pretence it is ‘education?’

    I’m sure many MPs agree with these non-experts because they make it sound reasonable, but where are the ordinary people on this panel?

    Where are representatives from parents and church groups, for example? Who looks at all this from a moral, long-term viewpoint and not a quick-fix dish-out-condoms-to-12-year-olds ‘solution’ that is helping to create an out of control underclass of youth who don’t have self-control or self-esteem.

    Recently there was the “Want Respect? Use a condom” advertising.

    What’s wrong with Want Respect? Keep your clothes on!

    I’ll tell you – the agenda is getting youngsters at it for reasons that most people wouldn’t believe.

    Basically, it is about controlling behaviour and societies for the benefit of the few.

    This is why the ‘experts’ now want condoms advertised before the watershed. Constant exposure to ideas = mind control.

    So what are the Government’s “Key Factors for Reducing Teenage Pregnancy?”

    They are listed here:

    Notice how it is about closely monitoring people:

    “Active engagement of all of the key mainstream delivery partners who have a role in reducing teenage pregnancies: health, education, social services, youth support services, and the voluntary sector.”

    “A strong focus on targeted interventions”

    And then there is:

    “Prioritisation of sex and relationships education”

    We mustn’t forget to encourage other forms of ‘relationship’ must we?

    When I was at school, an ‘alternative lifestyle’ was something like they had in “The Good Life.”

    As for ‘homophobic bullying,’ I never remember a single incident of it at school.

    It was the do-gooders and social engineers that made an issue out of it – brought it to everyone’s attention – and made a mountain out of a molehill.

    Again, it is another way of exposing children to the idea that any sort of sexual activity is normal.

    Sorry this comment is so long, but the way children are treated in this society makes me sick. The way everyone pretends they have children’s best interests at heart like when a teacher hugs a crying child and is suspended and suspected of being a pervert.

    Good people need to stand up NOW and re-engineer society for the children’s benefit and therefore the benefit of ALL.

  4. DMEA

    Where did you get this from Tom? Googling for the term “Young Persons Requiring Holistic Empowerment Within A Safe and Nurturing Environment” brings up only one website: yours! Or is this a spoof?

    If true it’s almost as ridiculous as Rosie “Gipsy” Kane’s suggestion that the word “ned” stood for “non-educated (sic) delinquent” and should be banned.

  5. DMEA – Of course it’s a spoof! But from memory, the actual phrase replacing Neets is something not a hundred miles from my version.

  6. Neets was a useful acronym. It was short and fitted onto a front page easily, so maybe trouble is brewing in the future and they knew that no paper was going to headline “Government can’t get a handle on Young Persons Requiring Holistic Empowerment Within A Safe and Nurturing Environment”. Just can’t see it myself.

    But these airy-fairy-softer-than-a-baby-bum labels that keep getting churned out are so infuriating.

    The Fabien Society says we shouldn’t even call chavs “chavs” cos it might upset them! What a world of candy-floss we are creating.

    It’s political correctness gone “slightly less well than we may have planned and hoped for resulting in the opposite result we may have been targetting”

    Oh, and stewartcowan, you’ve obviously been planning that speech for, what, 3 years? Unfortunately, though passionate about your subject you may be, trying to tie sex-ed and contraception into a discussion on NEETS? Somehow I can’t see them being the reasons for kids being unemployed.
    That’s what we call ‘a-swing-and-a-miss’.

  7. Listen, folks, just so there’s no further confusion, I made up the label, Young Persons Requiring Holistic Empowerment Within A Safe and Nurturing Environment. See the “Or something” afterwards? That indicated a lack of seriousness on the part of the author. But “Neets” has been replaced by some politically correct tosh. If anyone can confirm what it is, I would be grateful.

  8. Well, I remember an old guy I used to work beside 20 years ago saying, ‘I jist dinnae ken whit’s wrong wi’ the bairns the day; it must be something they’re a’ eating’. He was genuinely perplexed about the irritable behaviour of young children and their failure to be able to settle down and amuse themselves, or to respond to simple instructions and do what they were told – even for five minutes.

    He didn’t notice parenting styles were any worse and material conditions were far better than when he was growing up during the Depression.

    He was not an educated man, but he had a natural intelligence and what he was noticing was over-stimulation and over-excitement, leading to vastly shortened attention spans and a general malcontentedness. Then it came out about tartrazine and other food additives that can cause ADHD.

    He grew up in the 20s and 30s when there was no money, but he had an excellent childhood, he told me, growing up in a Leith tenement. On rainy days the kids played in the stair. A favourite game was to get a bit of chalk and mark out the top landing as the bridge of a sailing ship. He told me he could happily play there for hours, holding an imaginary ships wheel, surveying the horizon, while he called ‘below decks’ to the ‘sailors’ stationed at their tasks on the lower stairs (the other kids playing with him). They all took turns at being the captain on the top deck or sailors below.

    I can’t imagine modern children settling down like that, keeping up such concentration without any outward stimulus to hold their attention.

    Nor can I imagine modern parents being relaxed enough to let their kids play out on a stair landing. Modern parents are wound-up and over-protective and constantly shut in their kids experience. They would be terrified they fell over the banisters.

    There were few cars on the streets and on dry days another game was ‘cuddiehunkers’. This was exclusive to Edinburgh Georgian squares. It was a sort of rounders, where you got old newspapers and string, and made up a bat and ball, and whacked it along the sides of the square while somebody else legged it round and chalked up points. It had its own particular rules using the topography of the square. This kept them amused for hours, first the hunt for the newspapers and string; next the construction of the ‘tools’; then the game, which lasted for as long as the kit did!

    I’ve often thought about that old man and wonder about the neurological damage we do to our kids by the additives in their food, the constant exposure to noisy TV, and our own mad harassment and anxiety as we rush around from pillar to post, getting nowhere. Apparently if children are exposed to high levels of anxiety as children, it permanently alters the neurological structures in their brains and makes them wired for anxiety all their lives.

    Even a precursory look at my own experience of my friends’ children shows me that calm mothers have calm, confident children; children who can concentrate and therefore achieve.

    Better child care starts with calmer mothers.

  9. stewartcowan

    Political Dissuasion, it does weary me so when people prefer to nitpick (or NEETpick) than face the reality of what I write?

    Are you not more concerned that such biased panels exist to advise the Government on policymaking?

    It is like a panel advising on whether the country should go to war and all the members are arms dealers.

    As Tom said in his made-up, though wholly believable, new name for NEETS, a holistic approach is required and that includes addressing the issues I have mentioned.

    As I said, an out of control underclass of youth has been created without self-control or self-esteem.

    Think about what a dangerous combination that is.

    Is it surprising if they think the state owes them a living for doing nothing or if they don’t have the gumption to get up in the morning?

    Oh and three years is about the length of time I have been studying how the masses are being conditioned via the media, ‘education,’ and government.

  10. Martin Cullip

    “Are you not more concerned that such biased panels exist to advise the Government on policymaking?”

    It’s not the only one Stewart, this Government has dozens of them, all with the agenda that Labour want to push in any particular area.

    The DoH, for example, is currently conducting a ‘public consultation’ which is squirrelled away on a nether region of their web-site. It is almost impossible to find for individual net users, and non net users will NEVER have a chance to contribute. Of course, it is touted on regional DoH funded sites with a simple form to fill in to give your view and submit in about a minute … but there is only the ‘agree’ option that is given, no chance whatsoever of using the form to say that you think it’s rubbish.

    An abuse of power and a dereliction of the idea of democracy in this country? I should co-co!

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