Found it!

FOLLOWING on from a previous post about the demise of the term Neets in Scotland, I have finally discovered the actual phrase which Fiona Hyslop, the education minister, has decided should replace the better known term: “Young people requiring more choices, more chances”. Aw, the nice…

Still, my version wasn’t far off the mark.


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2 responses to “Found it!

  1. PC gone mad.

    Still, its better than requiring the finger printing of a specific racial community – which the Tories dont seem to mind…..

    Coming from the party opposed to CCTV as well….at least the votes are on the record for the next election.

  2. James

    A tenuous link perhaps….. We often condemn the youth of today but they must sometimes despair of us adults at times. My daughter and some of her friends decided to do something about the litter strewn all over our local beach (mainly by holidaymakers). So they decided to have a clear up. They approached one of their teachers to organise this.The District Council, Health and Safety and the committee raising funds for the school minibus then became involved.
    Couldn’t do it unless:
    The District Council gave permission. Health and Safety said they had to be togged up head to foot with appropriate gear and the beach cordoned off area by area.
    The committee could use the opportunity to raise funds for school minibus.(A project these kids would not benefit from as they would have left school by the time the minibus had been bought)
    After lengthy discussions,it was decided that the council would arrange for officers to turn up with safety gear, bags for recycling, and vehicle to take litter away etc, etc.
    The kids arranged for a reporter and a photographer from the local rag to come.
    Today was DDay.
    EVERY child turned up! (amazing for a Sunday Morning).
    Unfortunately, not ONE adult or council employee did and being a Sunday no one could be contacted, so the kids had to call it off.
    So I am not going to be surprised when they are asked to do something, the reply will be ‘can’t be bothered’

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