More excuses

AGAIN, I have to apologise for the lack of blogging today – on canvassing duties in Shettleston again. But as before, I will try to approve comments throughout the day.



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5 responses to “More excuses

  1. James

    Does William Street in Shettleston still exist?

  2. DMEA

    How many people told you “aye, I’ll always vote Labour, ’cause ma father always voted Labour, an’ his father always voted Labour”.

    I remember Pat Lally at the 2003 election count complaining about this very same phenomenon. To be honest I can’t say I had much sympathy for him.

  3. Yeah, I hear this tired old complaint – from nats – all the time. I read it in various threads on The Herald website. Of course, the complaint itself is incredibly patronising, but hey, that’s the SNP for you.

  4. DMEA

    You’re actually just as bad as the pro-SNP nutters who post on the Scotsman website and blame a “unionist conspiracy” for everything. Would you call Pat Lally a “nat”? And why is the complaint about the “I’ll vote Labour ’cause ma pa’ voted Labour ‘n’ his pa’ voted Labour” tendency amongst Glasgow voters patronising?

    Having said that if I were I candidate for a political party I wouldn’t care why people voted for me, just so long as they did so.

  5. Richard

    DMEA, the problem that Labour seem to be facing in Glasgow is that for too long they’ve expected to be able to weigh their votes rather than actually competing for them.

    Tom, can you shed any light on the rumour that before the incumbent MP stood down there hadn’t been a single “constituency canvass” since the seat was created?

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