POLLING day, and it looks like being beautiful, weatherwise. I’ll be blogging latter on after the polls close so if you have an comments to make during the results programmes, fire them in. In the meantime, as before, I’ll try to approve comments in between hassling innocent eastenders throughout the day.



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8 responses to “D-Day

  1. I hate polling day. Waiting waiting waiting … I want to know the result NOW!

  2. Zorro

    I so hope Labour loses. Do you think the party will
    get rid of the Gorgon if you do?

  3. And in the running for ‘strop of the day’ we have an early favourite…

    Any idea when the result will actually be announced?

    It’s glorious here in Edinburgh, hope all you faithful canvassers are getting a nice tan through in Glasgow too…

  4. Richard

    If it goes against you, will you be one of the MPs who needs a meeting with Gordon over the summer to reassure them that he’s not an electoral millstone?

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    I suppose if Labour wins you will regard it as a great victory.!!! It wont make a scrap of difference to the next General Election. Labour will loose by at least 120 seats.

    PS. Dave has had his bike stolen. Look out for Brown on 2 wheels in Southwold

  6. DMEA

    Mon’ the SNP!!!

  7. wrinkled weasel

    People, in general, are ignorant. It is the reason you get signs on Beachy Head saying, “Danger, Cliff Edge” and “Mars Bars, if fried in batter, and eaten in sufficient quantities, can seriously damage your health”.

    I am afraid that people who say “I have always voted Labour”, just like people who say “I have always voted Conservative” are just plain stupid and ignorant. There are so many cogent factors in chosing who to vote for. A strong candidate, of any political hue would cause me to consider voting for them. So too, would be their voting record, if they had one. I would be tempted to vote for someone who was sympathetic to a Christian world view. (Sorry Tom, I would’t vote for you because you voted for the War in Iraq, supported a farrago of twisted facts and lies about the reasons for the war and voted against an inquiry into it. Nothing personal.)

    I am afraid Labour will scrape through. Not because they deserve it. But because the majority of the population of Glasgow East are, by any measure of it, ignorant.

  8. John

    Labour will win, just.
    If you’re out canvassing on your bike, Tom, don’t chain it up to a three foot high bollard cos some nasty thieving git might just have the intelligence to lift your bike over the bollard.
    I do not think for one moment you would be that silly.

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