Discovering Daddyo’s

ONE of the best discoveries I made during the Glasgow East by-election was Daddyo’s, the American-style burger joint in Shettleston Road, less than a minute’s walk from Labour’s Shettleston committee rooms. Having a conveniently located cafe is essential to the troops’ morale in any campaign, and the proprietor and head cook, George, must have done a brisk trade every day of the campaign, supplying formidable-looking burgers to tired and hungry canvassers.

George is from New Jersey (long story) and has brought some welcome US style to the East End. My particular favourite menu item was a Wild Wild West Burger, which was basically a burger with lots of everything, including about half a cow, bacon, cheese and fried onions. A colleague caused some amusement when, having ordered a “triple” burger of some sort, was actually surprised to receive three very large burgers sandwiched between the bread. I would have thought the clue was in the title.

I was about to write that there wasn’t a lot on offer for vegetarians, but he does do a mean cheese and onion roll.

So, thanks to George and his staff, all of whom were brilliant and friendly and caused us to sit there for far longer than we should have. Whatever tonight’s result, we’ll always have the Wild Wild West.

From left: Charlie Gordon MSP, Home Office Minister Tony McNulty MP, George and me


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14 responses to “Discovering Daddyo’s

  1. wrinkled weasel

    A Labour victory. But its unfair that they have to fly in heavyweights like William Shatner to fight a safe seat.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Very pleased to see your are taking no notice of the labour governments advice about healthy eating. If your attitudes were guiding government policy Labour would be doing better.

  3. Richard

    Exit polls not looking too healthy for Labour in Glasgow East. Labour may scrape a victory in their 25th safest seat.

    I was going to post a list of Labour MP’s who’d lose their seats on a similar swing but I can’t find a list of “target seats” that goes that high…

    On the bright side, if the swing is repeated across the party at the next election, Tom may end up being one of the highest ranking survivors and a potential contender for party leader.

  4. wrinkled weasel

    oh,oh. Are they calling it for the SNP? I shall of course come back to gloat if that is the case.

  5. wrinkled weasel

    I can see the headlines in The Scotsman tomorrow…

    Nicola Sturgeon in kitten strangling enquiry

  6. Martin Cullip

    Done and dusted it seems. Labour behind the BNP in Henley and now lose an unloseable seat. Where did they go wrong?

    Oh hold on, I think it might have been when they refused to realise that people like to enjoy a bit of freedom and don’t react too well when being told how to live their lives in a free country.

    Will they change? I doubt it.

    This is very funny šŸ™‚

  7. Martin Cullip

    Great quote from the Labour guy on BBC when asked what do you do tomorrow.

    “Tomorrow, we look to what we put in our manifesto for a 4th General Election win”.

    As if anyone trusts what is in a Labour manifesto anymore after what we have seen since 2005. I’ve read more truth in an Enid Blyton novel.

    Voters of Glasgow East – you have done the country a massive service.

  8. Richard

    Beeb suggesting SNP gain with a majority of about 1400. Anyone feel like getting their calculator out to work out what swing that would represent?

  9. Martin Cullip

    Boy! This Scottish Labour guy gets funnier by the minute. When questioned about Gordon Brown and why he should stay without a public mandate he said:

    “Gordon was voted in by the Labour Party … ” the rest I missed as I was laughing too much. Does he not understand the idea of the public voting for politicians? I know laws have been passed by about 650 people against the voting wishes of us other 50million, but how on Earth can someone seriously say things like that on TV with a straight face?

  10. Martin Cullip

    And the LibDems are going to lose their deposit. I remember a law they colluded on once, since then they haven’t gained a single vote over a demoralised Labour. Telling huh?

    LOVING this šŸ™‚

  11. Martin Cullip

    Apologies to Tom for being ecstatic, it’s rude of me as you are a genuine guy and not one of the baddies. Please have some serious words with the nanny front bench and sort them out for us can you?

    I fear for Siobhan McDonagh just up the road as she is one of the best Labour MPs and she will no doubt be wiped out soon. (Perhaps she could be swapped with someone less capable in Bristol) šŸ˜‰

  12. Richard

    Early predictions seem to be a bit off. Beeb calling this as SNP gain with a majority of 354 but we’re going for a recount (yaawn)

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