Early mourning

I’M NOW in a huff. Please respect my raw feelings and post only sensitive, supportive, sympathetic comments. I will get round to approving them at some point, in between avoiding media coverage and ignoring my phone.


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5 responses to “Early mourning

  1. Jim, Swad

    Bad luck Tom, I was honestly expecting Labour to hold it by the skin of their teeth, especially after hearing about the resources thrown at Glas East by the SNP.

    Good idea to avoid the media until you’ve calmed down old chap. Go have a cuppa or a pint or something later.

  2. On a positive note, your support for Daddyo’s has resulted in it being used as the backdrop for a photo in today’s FT. No mattress in sight. Could this be the start of a franchise to challenge Macdonalds, Burger king etc?

  3. Richard

    In the immortal words of Nelson from the Simpsons, Ha-ha!

  4. Auntie Flo'

    Commiserations, Tom. There are some decent Labour MPs who haven’t lost all contact with reality and you seem to be one of them – when you aren’t spouting nulabour rubbish.

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    Yea just like you did when the Tories were in trouble.
    Its over you are finished as a party certanly in England and now in Scotland.

    Deep joy.

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