East End reflections

WHATEVER the ramifications of last night’s results, one of the abiding impressions I am left with after the campaign is that the East End – an area I don’t know at all well – is a far more attractive area than the media let on.

There are many areas of the Glasgow East which are clearly not doing as well economically as other parts of the city. But there are many other attractive, affluent areas, and none of these areas was ever featured in TV news coverage. Can’t help thinking that TV camera crews travelled round the constituency with old mattresses on their car roofs, stopping and dumping them against walls whenever they wanted to get some footage.

A mattress yesterday



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6 responses to “East End reflections

  1. Stu

    Now, I respect you as an MP and as a blogger, but this post is just sour grapes. I know you put a lot of energy into helping the Labour campaign – your blog did become something of an outlet for anti-SNP propaganda – but it’s unfair to shoot the media when you don’t like the message.

    The fact is, nobody is interested in the nice parts – you don’t win elections thanks to how good the nice parts are, you lose them thanks to how bad the bad areas are.

    The truth is, it was a very close election which could have gone either way and this time you didn’t win. Win some lose some. I hope that you and the other members of the Labour Party start to really notice this losing streak and start trying to improve their position – starting with removing their leader.

    (contrary to popular opinion, Conservative supporters would like to see competition in politics – that way we get the best for the country.)

  2. wrinkled weasel

    Here’s a quote from Jim Murphy this morning:

    “There isn’t a sense of gratitude from people”

    There are a few reasons for that, Tom. To start with, your candidate. To me she summed up why we are not grateful. Ms Curran’s speech at the count was full of vinegar. She looked as if she had swallowed a wasp. Several times the word “equality” was used and “fighting for equality”.

    What does this mean to ordinary people? What it means really, is revenge, retribution and raising the weak and degenerate to a position of unjustified tyranny. That means penalising parents who want good schools for their children. It means taxing cheap family cars out of the market. It means giving consideration to homosexuals who want to use public places for sex, but diminishing the role of fathers and penalising Christians who wish to adopt. It means destroying the traditions of this country, like free dental care. This is not equality, it is a redistribution of hegemony to a a decadent aetheist liberal elite.

    Labour has become the party of hate. Hate of ordinary people who pay taxes and go about their business lawfully. People who don’t fiddle their expenses and expect to enjoy their hard earned pay. It’s not the poor people of Glasgow East that Labour has forgotten. It’s me, and my sense of gratitude to Labour has waned.

  3. I have to agree with the above comment.

    Yes, there are nice pockets of Glasgow East but Margaret Curran speaks of being the champion of injustice and Labour speak of taking the fight against poverty so of course it is proper that the media focus on the problems that are still to be addressed in an area which has some of the worst social problems in Europe.

    And I’m not sure how impressed people will be with your quick disassociation with the area given the claim “an area I don’t know at all well”.

    So, chin up Tom. Mid-term by-election losses are by no means the end and with 2 years on your side I hope your party gets back on track.

  4. Martin Cullip

    “Labour has become the party of hate. Hate of ordinary people who pay taxes and go about their business lawfully.”

    Wrinkled Weasel, I couldn’t agree with you more. The contempt shown by this Government towards law-abiding citizens is appalling.

    Every day a new fine or crime is introduced, every day another criticism of the lifestyle choice of a section of society, accompanied by a law, initiative or ‘crack-down’ to bully them into changing whether they want to or not.

    A party of hate indeed, and all that happens is that the people learn to hate the party in return. When the public is as unhappy and demoralised by interfering busybodying, is it any wonder that anti-social behaviour arises seeing as this Government are destroying any sense of society and community in favour of division and victimisation?

  5. I too agree with wrinkled weasel. For “equality” read: bring everyone down to lowest common denominator standards.

    For the sake of ‘equality,’ the age of consent in Northern Ireland has just been reduced from 17 to 16 (naturally for homosexual acts as well – LCD ‘equality’)

    This is despite unmarried teenage sex and all it brings, being less of a problem in the province and despite strong opposition to the change by the public and politicians of different parties.

    They were told what was ‘best’ for them by the liberal atheists in Westminster.

    Now, six MPs (none from N. Ireland) are trying to get a change in the law so that abortions can be legally carried out in N. Ireland, again despite MPs from the DUP, UUP, SDLP and Sinn Fein all voicing their opposition to the move.

    Diane Abbott, said: “We think we have got a very good chance of getting the amendment through.”

    LCD politics; gutter politics; everyone being primed to stand together – in “equality” – at the gates of Hell – wishing they had stood up for decency and justice before they were lost completely.

    Perhaps this complete contempt for the wishes of the people of the province is an attempt to make even loyalists despise the British Government enough to want a united Ireland in preference.

    Or perhaps these are just two more crass exercises in shoving people around to make them accept things they don’t want to accept – to make them serve the god of ‘equality’ and the sins and fads of the hour.

    Tom, I don’t understand how you can justify being involved in a party that has betrayed so spectacularly the Christian principles of its founders.

    If it is not as corrupt as Hell already, it soon will be.

  6. Sorry, inadvertently made another dang smiley in previous post.

    The list of smilies is here: http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/06/04/what-smilies-can-i-use/


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