Sunday resolution

THAT’S it, I’ve had it with Sunday newspapers. It’s not just the ridiculously extended coverage of Glasgow East (although it has been ridiculously extensive). It’s more a realisation that they just spoil the day for me. And they always have.

So that’s it. I hereby resolve never to buy the Sunday papers again. Ever. Probably.



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4 responses to “Sunday resolution

  1. John

    That’ll be another forest saved then. Probably.
    Why BUY them anyway, when they’re free on the internet.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Not listening again. They do go over the top, but everone has had enough of Labour, how much increase in our fuel bill is to pay for all these horrible wind mills. The press has given Labour a very easy time over the last 10 years, but now they have understood what Labour are all about. Labour is for Labour not the people.

  3. Richard

    So, trying the old “ostrich” approach to bad news are we?

  4. Gave up with Sunday papers years ago, no wonder I’m so cheerful…

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