Casting inspiration

FOLLOWING my lukewarm review of The Dark Night, a friend has urged me to blog on his inspired suggestion for the next film in the Batman series.

With rumours flying that Philip Seymour Hoffman and Johnny Depp will take the roles of the Penguin and the Riddler respectively, James Harris (no relation) has suggested the Riddler should instead be played by the Welsh actor Michael Sheen (left), most famous, of course, for playing Tony Blair in The Deal and The Queen, and soon to be seen playing David Frost in Frost/Nixon.

I think he may be onto something. You can just imagine him doing a British, scary Jim Carrey, can’t you?

But to those who are already itching to comment along the lines of “That would be appropriate because he’s already played a crook… illegal war… loans for peerages, etc”, please don’t bother. We don’t want to cause a global green ink shortage, now, do we?



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6 responses to “Casting inspiration

  1. blacksunreview

    Not a bad idea, Tom. Sheen is a fantastic actor – his Kenneth Williams in Fantabulosa is a bordering on genius. His Blair was also very good. Depp is, in my opinion, vastly overrated – though had a recent up-turn with Sweeney Todd – he’s just too swaggering, like a less-convincing Keith Richards.

    PSH is a great actor (see Happiness), but I can’t quite picture him in the Batman franchise somehow – not sure who I’d put in as the Penguin.

  2. Frank Davis

    soon to be seen playing David Nixon in Frost/Nixon.

    David Nixon? Images of a bald, urbane, middle aged magician or conjuror well up from the recesses of memory. Surely you mean Richard Milhous Nixon?

  3. And you’re absolutely sure David Nixon didn’t go into American politics after he split up from Ali Baba? OK, so I was tired when I wrote it. Thanks. Now sorted. I need a holiday…

  4. I heard that Johnny Depp’s already lined up to do the Mad Hatter in a Tim Burton re-make of Alice in Wonderland. I’m behind the sofa already!

    I can highly recommend Johnny Depp in ‘what’s eating Gilbert Grape’ mainly because its got the dream ticket of him and Leonardo di Caprio in it.

    Its a great portrayal of a guy trying to have a life while caring for his disabled brother. Many carers will identify with the difficulties he faces.

  5. Peter

    He played David Frost in the dtage version so it seems more likely that he will reprise that role rather than either David Nixon or Richard Nixon.

    Whilst I have no time for Mr Frost, it has to be said that the stage performance was compelling and if the film can get close it will be well worth watching.

  6. Jim

    He was brilliant as Nero too.

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