Coming to the aid of the party

I WAS bitterly disappointed when Iain Gray lost his Edinburgh Pentlands seat at the 2003 Holyrood elections. As one of the most talented of Labour’s newly-elected MSPs four years earlier, and one of the Scottish Executive’s most effective ministers, his loss was acutely felt. So when I heard the news he had been selected for the East Lothian seat recently vacated by John Home Robertson, paving the way for a return in 2007, I was delighted.

Today our party has never needed him more, and I have no hesitation in declaring my support for him. But whoever wins the leadership contest now underway, no-one but a fool would suggest he (or she) is going to find the task an easy one. But Iain is up for it. His commitment to Scotland, to devolution and to the Labour Party is second to none.

I’ll be casting my deputy leadership vote for Johann Lamont, who I have known for almost as long as I’ve been in the party. She has been an under-used resource since her election for Pollok in 1999. She also made the best speech at Scottish Labour’s conference in Aviemore earlier this year, delivering a powerful and effective critique of modern nationalism that is so far unrivalled.

So, altogether now: “Things…can only get better… can only get better…”



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6 responses to “Coming to the aid of the party

  1. Zorro

    “. His commitment to Scotland, to devolution and to the Labour Party is second to none.”

    In that order? If so, good on him. Too many politicians these days seem to have the following priority list:

    1) Themselves.
    2) The Party.
    3) The country.

    Which is just completely wrong.

    I would argue that this is one of Gordon’s main issues. If he started doing things based on whats best for the country, rather than whats best for the party or himself then he might find some popularity.

    Oh but what was that pink thing flying over, smelling of bacon?


  2. scotto voce

    so, at last you’re in agreement with the nationalists….. Ian Gray is their favoured choice too! Expect he’ll get the majority of MPs, being the candidate least likely to initiate the reforms of LP structures and authority so badly needed. He’s also one of the ‘may 2007 was a blip, they’ll come back to us’ brigade………. oh, when will the comrades learn and, just once, prioritise political analysis and judgement over petty personality considerations (of the ‘he voted the wrong way at the branch meeting circa 1982 variety’). Get this one wrong, and we’ll be witnessing the continuing slow death of the Labour party in Scotland……..realignment of the Scottish left, anyone?

  3. “So, altogether now: “Things…can only get better… can only get better…””

    Ah, how very ’97…

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    Any Labour candidate does not deserve to win no matter how good they are. The damage Labour has done to Britain will be the reason they fail.

  5. Johnny, I’ll bet you’re the life and soul of the local association…

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    I say it as it is. I live among ordinary hard working people. I know how they feel and how they are suffering under Labour. These are the people that supported you and they are suffering the most. As a life long Labour voter said to me last night. He cannot believe how out of touch Labour are. He now says he can see why I am such a strong Tory supporter and that everthing I said to him since labour came to power has come true only far worse than even I predicted. For the first time he will not be voting Labour at the next election no matter what you do.
    You see Tom that IS how it is.

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