Labour MP expresses opinion: red mist descends

AMUSING to see the so-called cyber-nats out in force to comment on Robbie Dinwoodie’s news piece based on my article for today’s Herald.

It’s not just that they disagree with the points I’m making: it’s that they are clearly consumed by uncontrollable rage that there is such a thing as a Scot who supports the Union. Probably bullied as a child by someone with an English accent or something. Ho-hum.



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5 responses to “Labour MP expresses opinion: red mist descends

  1. Robert McDonald

    Hi Tom:
    I guess the red mist as you call it might be brought on when people look at your record in Parliament vis:

    “Voted strongly against a transparent Parliament.
    Voted a mixture of for and against introducing a smoking ban.
    Voted strongly for introducing ID cards.
    Voted moderately for introducing foundation hospitals.
    Voted strongly for introducing student top-up fees.
    Voted very strongly for Labour’s anti-terrorism laws.
    Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.
    Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
    Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.”

    Oh, and that last comment was as pathetic as any of the dross seen on the Herald comments. Pots and kettles Tom!


  2. Jim

    The online comment sections of the Herald and the Scotsman descend into chaos and pathetic name calling on a daily basis.

    I wonder what people accessing these from outside the UK think when they read them.

  3. Frances

    Jim – most likely what people from abroad will be thinking is ‘just like home’.

    Tom, I’m one of the cyber-nats who posted on the Herald thread. Looking back, it’s true I was bullied at school, but I’m fairly certain all the perpetrators had Scottish accents. Where does that leave your little theory? Mind you, it could be that all the people who bullied me talked in a strikingly similar way to certain Scottish Labour MPs. Hmm…I think we’re on to something here, that could well be the basis of the SNP government’s astonishing popularity.

    England is a fine country that we’ve got a lot in common with…but then so is the Republic of Ireland. And Canada. And Australia. I don’t see the logic in being ruled from Canberra either.

  4. madasafish

    Well as it’s all 100% illogical when one considers the West Lothian Question and Labour will no longer be in power in the UK in 2 years’ time – or less .. adn it certainly is no longer in power in Scotland… and hopefully it will be reduced to under 200 MPs in Westminster and be out of Government for 20 years…

    I call the article and subject matter about as relevant as arranging deck chairs – as John Prescott put it ..

  5. Gordon

    Not at all, Tom.
    It’s entirely Labour’s call about how they manage the relationship between London and Embra.
    But it appears that the needs of UK Labour might well overpower those of Scottish Labour, and that will be to both parties’ lasting regret.

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