Sex, puppies and Mormonism

JOURNALISTS say that this is the perfect news headline:

Sex-change priest in mercy dash to palace.

Not entirely sure if it’s a fantasy headline sort of thing, or one that was acually used to describe said events.

Anyway, the Scottish edition of this morning’s Times had a headline that damn near trumps that: “Manacled Mormon sex attacker and the cloned dog“. It certainly caught my eye. The web version doesn’t have as good a headline, but if puppy cloning, kidnapping, forced sex and nude skiing is your bag, you can read the whole thing here.


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3 responses to “Sex, puppies and Mormonism

  1. Patchouli

    She reminds me of an ex-neighbour, the sort who leaves you wondering if it’s you who is bats.

    When I’m feeling down I read the her letters and transcripts of recorded conversations; they are that funny, years later. It’s a shame she moved before it got to court, else you’d have had a damn fine headline to go alongside.

    Don’t worry, I think she was more upset that the Prime Minister didn’t directly intervene and is now a LibDem. True.

  2. John

    I’ll stick to your blog headliners – they’re far more entertaining and witty.

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    Its like seeing
    ” Brown makes good quick decision to help Economy”

    It just does not make sense.

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