‘It could be you!’

OSAMA Saeed, SNP candidate in Glasgow Central, must have woken up with a smile on his face this morning. His decision to start up his very own Muslim organisation, the Scottish-Islamic Foundation, has certainly been noticed by those in the Scottish Executive who make funding decisions: in July it was reported to have been awarded £215,000 for… well, it was awarded £215,000.

Now The Daily Record report it has been given another £190,000.

Oh, did I mention that Saeed is an SNP candidate at the next general election? Or that he used to work for Alex Salmond? Just so we’re clear.

Let me make it clear that there is no doubt in my mind that if SIF had been founded by a former staffer to Jack McConnell, and was staffed almost entirely by Labour activists and office holders, then this funding would still have been awarded. (Cough!)



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8 responses to “‘It could be you!’

  1. Daniel

    Osama Saeed is a Muslim brotherhood whackjob, who until not so recently was calling Osama Bin, a freedom fighter.

    The travesty here is not that the Labour party may have been denied a few quid, but that the Wee Eck thinks he may gain a few thousand votes by playing to the Islamist faction in Scotland – against those nasty English who won’t tolerate it.

    Link 1

    Link 2

    Link 3

    Link 4

    Link 5

    So, boo hoo to Labour, but I’m more interested in people that want to overthrow us and subjugate our people. Come on Tom, you’re an MP – get with the program. If MI5 haven’t got a file on this guy, I’ll eat my hat.

  2. Check your email, Daniel

  3. Malcolm

    Bit of envy there Tom , considering how much Labour channel to their pals, including jobs by the barrow load. SNP will take a long long time to ever get close to the cronyism levels of labour. Would yours and Labour’s efforts not be better spent trying to get the country out of the mess you have got it in rather than greeting like big babies because the SNP had you chucked out of power in Scotland. Its no wonder that Labour are so low in the polls , no policies , no vision , just whinging about the SNP.

  4. James

    Isn’t this liken to a former Mayor of London giving out bag loads of money to his cronies?
    Wasn’t he something to do with Labour (cough)

  5. Well, so far no-one is denying cronyism. Thing is, I never mentioned “cronyism”. Is this “cronyism”? “Cronyism”? Really?

  6. richard

    It must be horrifying to watch the power of patronage slipping away from your party.

  7. James

    You may not have mentioned the word, but you’ve gone down the road of implying it.
    Take that picture for example, where I live you’re only allowed to put your arm round a cronnie, but perhaps Salmon is just an overfriendly sort of guy:-)

  8. Johnny Norfolk

    Again your party set the devolution thing in motion. Now Scotland has turned against you and allowed the SNP to power. So again you only have yourselves to blame for this sort of thing.

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